The Glen Farm, one of Scotland's most renowned hill sheep farms, is situated near to Gatehouse of Fleet in Galloway, a UNESCO designated 'Biosphere' in South West Scotland.

Covering nearly 3,000 acres the farm concentrates primarily on producing its pedigree Blackface sheep and Belted Galloways but now as it looks to safeguard its future, is slowing diversifying itself to optimize its true potential while importantly maintaining its beauty and longevity for future generations.

The Farm presently runs 900 breeding Blackface ewes which will be increased to over 1200 in the coming years and it has an established Belted Galloway herd which is also being increased to meet growing demand. Other new projects include Galloway Alpacas which has recently launched, our bothy project which is in early planning stages and various tree projects.

The Glen Farm as we know it today has existed since 1855 when it was owned by the McCullough family who made their fortunes in the merchant trade in Shanghai. It briefly changed hands in the 20th Century before its present owners the Bond Family purchased the farm in 1973. It is greatly enjoyed by three generations of the family and is now managed by Christopher who is passionate about its lands, environment and community.

Glen Farm, hill sheep farm in Galloway
Shepherds on the Blackface sheep farm, Glen in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland

Meet our Head Shepherd - Robert McTaggart.

Robert is the real engine room behind the whole of the Glen Farm, its sheep, cattle and wider interests. He came to the Farm in 2006 with his wife, Debbie and their two boys Ruari and Fraser who have also served apprenticeships here. Robert was raised on a Blackface hill sheep farm near to Loch Doon, Ayrshire and is one of Scotland's most well-respected shepherds who has an incredible in-depth knowledge of sheep management and breeding.

Robert left school at 16 to follow his ambition of working with Blackface sheep and worked in the Scottish Borders on a hill farm for 13 years prior to working at the Glen Farm in 2006.

He is supported by Christopher and together they are both working to protect, diversify and grow the farm's interests taking into account first and foremost its sheep breeding programme in balance with the protection of its lands and the surrounding environment.

Christopher has been living at the Glen Farm since 2020. Previously he worked for more than 15 years in Russia where he started out as a banking analyst and then ran his own business for 10 years. He has returned to the family farm and has already started bringing his own new ideas that include an alpaca business, various tree planting projects and a bothy development.

The Glen Farm as a Film and Photography Location

With an entirely unique and beautiful ‘Pink Pavilion’ house, built in 1734, at its center, the Glen Farm with over 3,000 acres of sinuous, unspoilt and dramatic Scottish hills is an ideal location for all your film and photography requirements. We are enthusiastic to share the Galloway landscape with viewers around the world and this little-known part of Scotland with its incredible wildlife, dramatic colours and stunning glens is an ideal choice for all your film and still photography projects. This is all matched by the interiors of the house itself and surrounding steadings, with every room and building demonstrating huge character and diversity unmatched by other locations.

The Glen Farm is located in South West Scotland in Galloway near to the town of Castle Douglas. It is approximately a 1 ½ hour drive from Carlisle railway station and is a 2 hour drive from Glasgow. The house can be used for rental accommodation also and there are a plethora of locations nearby which can also accommodate film crews and cast. The Farm has all other necessary infrastructure to accommodate lorries, overnight parking and tractor haulage if needed.

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Glen Farm, a perfect film loaction in Galloway, Scotland

Legacy Woodland

We are passionate about our Ecosystem, the wonders of our small island, its species and the need to protect our lands and to find that all important balance - the gradual assimilation or ‘osmosis’ of what has been and what will be. In this respect we are determined and are proud of our responsibility to find harmony between our landscape, our native breeds, our red squirrels, our birdlife and that all important equilibrium of both our environment and community.

In our fast-moving world, we have grown ‘disconnected’ with what we have been gifted and it is our sincere hope that in some small way at the Glen Farm that we can be part of the movement to listen, to re-establish and to support the future so that we can ‘reconnect’ as custodians of our own Galloway lands. In this respect we are in the middle of planning a legacy woodland for all to enjoy, to establish native woodlands to sequester carbon which will grow in harmony with our native breeds, to restore our peatlands and to be a part of our local community in this important respect.

If you wish to plant a tree with us or work together please do get in touch. Visit our website at

This Galloway legacy woodland situated in beautiful Scotland countryside.

Holiday Accommodation

Indescribably beautiful and un-spoilt, remote but within touching distance of true civilization, Galloway is an area which is little known, a place that people drive past rather than stay. It has been described as a place that has a ‘little bit of everything’ and is an increasingly important area of Scotland - a UNESCO designated ‘Biospshere’ and the UK’s first Dark Sky Park. From the staggeringly beautiful rolling hills and landscapes, to the diverse seashore front, from its unique cultural heritage to a wonderful place to explore for all families and children alike, this part of Britain will soon be talked about as the new Lake District especially if it is soon to be awarded national park status.

The Glen Farm has a wonderful 5 bedroom main house for rent and a 2 bedroom cottage. It is a truly magical place to explore, to walk and to relax on a 3,000 acre working farm. To see our native black face sheep and Belted Galloways up in the hills in their natural environment is one of the great sights in our world.

For information on our pricing please get in touch with us using the form below.

Holiday accommodation farmhouse in Galloway, Scotland

The Glen Bothies

As part of our plan to diversify the farm and make use of our environment, to re-establish ourselves with the past while looking to the future, to give back and to let others ‘reconnect’ and enjoy our lands, we have decided to conduct a feasibility study to redevelop our historic ruined dwellings and also to locate a cluster of Scottish made ‘off grid’ bothies at the farm, connecting them to our small hydro scheme project.

Working in conjunction with a Fife based company, we are hoping to achieve planning permission soon to start rolling these out.

Stay in our Bothy in the beautiful Galloway countryside

Foraging workshops at the Farm

Foraging is both peaceful and productive. It gives us access to nature’s store of free food and medicine, while helping us to slow down and pay a closer kind of attention to the world around us. By learning about our native wild plants you can feel more confident in finding your own food and medicine, reconnecting to a wisdom that is as old as humankind. Our foraging workshops and walks are an opportunity to slow down and take a deeper look at the medicinal and edible wild plants that surround us. By taking the time to move slowly and relearn through our senses, we can deepen our relationship with the land we know as home.

In this respect we run a series of foraging workshops at the Glen Farm with the hugely talented teacher Tamara Colchester who is a wild food teacher and writer who guides people in the old ways of foraging and tracking as a route to a simpler, more connected way of life.

Foraging workshops on Glen Farm, Galloway, Scotland

Galloway Alpacas

As part of the Farm’s diversification, Galloway Alpacas has recently been launched on lands at the farm. Nestled in the beautiful surroundings of South West Scotland, Galloway Alpacas is an Alpaca Farm providing Alpaca experiences, trekking, therapy and private hire for corporate events, weddings and other special occasions. For families, children and those who are disabled or are suffering from mental health issues, we hope that everyone will have a memorable experience with these amazing animals.  

Our alpaca treks and experiences are a hugely enriching activity for children in particular. Our alpacas are sweet natured and loved by all that meet them. So if you’re looking for a unique, family friendly, outdoor activity with the most breathtaking scenery then we would love you to come and visit. Please see for more information.

Alpaca trekking on Glen Farm, Galloway, Scotland


The Glen Farm
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